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Investigating Michigan's  
Paranormal and Mysterious locations since 2018!


The Graveyard Shift Paranormal was initially established to investigate and understand the bizarre events and happenings at our small business in Farmington Michigan. We've routinely experienced objects moving, products being knocked over, disembodied voices and electronic malfunctions so we decided to start documenting them and as we got more and more into we've been fortunate to acquire some of the paranormal fields latest and greatest devices to help us in our hunts.

 Currently instead of spending one night at various locations we are investing considerable time in one location to study and catalog experience in hopes of understanding and putting together a  pattern to the events we have experienced. We currently post our findings on TikTok, YouTube and our new website which you've found here.  We definitely need help with editing and post hunt analysis if you're interested in helping out let us know.

We believe in collaboration so we bring in our friends and other paranormal teams to investigate with us. If you'd like to investigate please reach out on the contact us page.

We've also recently embarked on throwing parties and accepting request for private ghost hunts as a way to meet locals and raise funds for our investigations, they can be found on the event page.

Thanks for checking us out!

 - The Graveyard Shift Paranormal Team


A haunting on Grand River
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